Used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine, hailed the queen of fruits in southeast Asia, hidden or forbidden for much of history, the mangosteen is the original superfruit. And we are slightly obsessed.

Our obsession stems in part from the unique phytonutrient strength of the mangosteen and the fact that this strange and beautiful botanical is so elusive. Mangosteen trees can take up to twenty years to bear fruit, require intensely specific climates and elevations to grow and the fruits’ short shelf life makes them extremely difficult for most of the world to discover. But "difficult" should never be a reason to deprive oneself of the xanthone-rich force of the mangosteen fruit -- or any other powerful plant for that matter.

And that is the mission of MyMangosteen: to seek out the most wonderful botanicals on earth, purposefully combine them into synergistic formulations -- and make them ours. (And yours). Because as much as we love the mangosteen fruit, we live for sharing it with others. And that is why we will forever consider MyMangosteen, your mangosteen, too.